Details for Flex Fit Pass

Default Period: 12 Months
of Punches: 1
Ages: All Ages
Web Reg Available to:
Both Residents and Non Residents
Potential Fees:
Membership Fees: $5.00  (Required)
Membership Fees: $6.00  (Required)
Membership Fees: $7.00  (Required)
Applicable discounts not applied and Taxes included in price.
The Flexible Fitness Pass offers the flexibility to attend group fitness classes for a drop in fee. The Flexible Fitness Class Pass can be used for both membership included fitness classes AND fee based classes along with Aqua Zumba & Water Aerobics.

Is there a limit on how many punches someone can buy?

No. There is no limit on how many punches someone can buy. A customer as little as one punch.

Is there an expiration date on the punches?

The punch passes expire 12 months from date of purchase. If a customer purchases one additional punch prior to the 12 months expiration, the passes would not expire for another 12 months.

Can the pass be used for any fee-based fitness class?

Yes. Most of the fee-based classes will only require one punch per class. Some fee-based classes may require multiple punches.

What if a class is full when a customer with a Flexible Fitness Class Pass wants to attend?

If a class is full, flexible fitness Class Pass holders must wait until there is an opening.

Can anyone in a family use the Flexible Fitness Class Pass?

No. The pass is only for the individual who purchased it.